Woke up this morning finally with a little feeling of peace and relaxation. Possibly due to my extremely cute bedding and new tray table for ultimate working in bed laziness.

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The weekend is here and I couldn’t be more glad. This past week was not an easy one to say the least. Last Saturday night I came home to our little guy Stout (@helloimstout) and something wasn’t right. He couldn’t stand or be touched with out growling in pain. He was walking with his back arched and limping like he was a 15 year old dog. After a night of zero sleep and feeding him water out of the palm of my hand we brought him to the vet to see what was going on.

After a few hours of hearing multiple ideas of what it could be the doctors found out it was a rare form of puppy arthritis called Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy. Basically, his body was attacking his joints causing the swelling of his bones. It comes on suddenly and nothing we could have done could have caused it.

After three days and two nights in the hospital our little buddy is back home and starting his recovery.

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I did learn a very important lesson this week and that really is that family is more important than anything. My boyfriend is also a total rockstar making sure we were doing the right things for Stout and researching everything humanly possible to help me understand what in the world was happening. I can’t thank my family enough for helping me with everything this week. Also thank you to my friends Alex, Ava, and Tyler for being there for me 100% this week. It’s nice to know when the chips are down who is here for you.

Our vet Dr. Katherine Maynard, all the vet techs, and Vicki at the front desk at Conejo Valley Vet Hospital are everything we could have asked for and more. They were extremely kind, thorough, and took amazing care of Stout and us.

Now for a weekend of relaxing, and rehabbing our pup. I’m thinking a glass of wine and a view. A little family getaway is just what we need…tomorrow we are off to our favorite place in the world.

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Stay tuned.
The LA Blonde


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