Napa Valley, CA | PART I

Napa Valley is truly a magical place. With well over 500 wineries, it’s impossible to take in even a glimpse of what it has to offer in one quick trip. It has been a dream of mine to go and now I will be going back as soon as humanely possible!

We stayed at the Andaz Hotel in downtown Napa and it was quite a good time. With it’s second floor terrace complete with bar and fire pits and the fabulous bar in the lobby, you can’t not have a good time. Now, the second floor bar does close at 10pm so you can sip away and then move it downstairs which closes at 2am.

Our main reason for being in Napa was Kyle’s cousin was getting married. A lot of the trip was spent with family and doing various wedding activities but we made sure we got in some wine tasting! Kyle and I also woke up extra early to find some great coffee and breakfast.

While getting my nails done last week I mentioned to my nail tech Elizabeth about my upcoming trip to Napa. Lucky for me, she’s been going every summer for most of her life. I told her about my slight coffee obsession (borderline addiction) and she said Ritual Coffee is the place to go. Taking her word for it we were on a mission to grab a Ritual cup at the Oxbow Public Market. Even better for us, it was only about a 10 minute walk from our hotel! YES!!!

Oxbow Public Market is now officially one of our favorite places. I could sit there ALL DAY tasting different foods, trying a new beer, stocking up on spices, divulging in oysters, and drinking amazing coffee. With our time being limited, I had to pick only a few.

We headed to Ritual and asked what they’d say is their favorite coffee. Ethiopian is what we were got. Black and strong. (Wink Wink). I love drinking coffee without anything else involved. You can really taste what you’re getting and it’s not disguised by a bunch of extras. It was incredibly strong and delicious and their coffee sleeves were too cute! Kyle even enjoyed it! His go-to is typically an iced green tea with a side of stealing whatever it was I ordered. Thank god he’s cute.

Processed with VSCO with f1 presetProcessed with VSCO with f1 preset

While enjoying our coffee we glanced over and saw a place called Five Dot Ranch. We didn’t make it very far in reading the menu because the first item says “Donut Bites with Lavender Sugar and Bacon Caramel Dipping Sauce”. Excuse me?? We will take one of those to-go please and thank you. We brought them back to the hotel, sat on the terrace, and simply tore it up. So good. Sinfully good.

Our first winery stop was Sterling Vineyards. You start with a tram ride and then start a self guided tour with an incredible view and of course, lots of yummy wine. It started the day off without a hitch. Their 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon was definitely my favorite of what we tasted.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Our next stop, Frank Family Vineyards.

Stay Tuned Napa Valley PART II is coming up next!

The LA Blonde


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