Skin Talk | Aloe & Bloom

Before I start my raving about this amazing company I will start with absolute honesty.

Yes, this is my friends company. No, I’m not being paid to talk about it. She actually has no idea I’m writing this. Surprise!!! Lol.

When Aloe & Bloom came to be, I was already using a skincare line that I thought was working and was way too expensive.

When my friend Brittney Douglas told me about her line coming out, of course I would buy something to support. What I didn’t know is that I would never buy any other products from anywhere else ever again!!

I have never had “bad” skin. My skin has always been relatively great. I’ve had a few stress related breakouts here and there, but nothing ever really major. I know what you’re thinking….”That B*#ch.” Now before you click out of this post. I swear you will love these products.

I thought I had good skin before and now I can tell you with absolute confidence my skin has improved dramatically and is the best it has ever been. I noticed a difference after just a few days of using these products. I kept looking at my face going OMG this is insane. I don’t even need to wear makeup.

All natural and plant based. Aloe & Bloom is the way to go.

Xx, The LA Blonde


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