First Trip of 2018

I’m starting the new year off right with a relaxing trip to the mountains. I have never been to Mammoth before and I’ve heard nothing but magical things. Everyone was more than right. It was breathtakingly beautiful with some of the freshest air I’ve ever experienced (especially when I come from the land of the smog).

Having never really snowboarded and my body still slowly recovering from a car accident, I decided to take this trip with one goal in mind, R&R.

Yes, that’s a frozen lake I’m standing on. In hindsight….DUMB. But, I survived and got a few really epic pictures!!

We walked, hiked, shopped, and stopped for an amazing cocktail at the Main Lodge. I had a “Broadways Espresso” filled with Vanilla Vodka, Kahlua, Godiva White Chocolate, and a shot of espresso. YUM. Perfect for the atmosphere and my state of mind. Not to mention, that view!!!!

To finish up my trip I had one of the most delicious savory crepes stuffed with Brie, Prosciutto, Tomato, and Spinach from Side Door Cafe. Located in the village, it’s tucked away but such a great find.

After this trip, I could definitely get used to the snow bunny life!

Till next time,

The LA Blonde


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